Want to Do Some DIY Roof Repair?

A Roofing Contractor in Chesapeake, VA Provides Information about the Ultimate Roof Repair Safety Guide

When their roof needs to be fixed, many homeowners are tempted to get up there and get the job done themselves. However, climbing a steep ladder and walking on a sloped surface is no fun. But with these safety precautions offered by our trustworthy roofing contractor, you will be able to address any issues in a timely and safe manner.
Roofing Contractor performing roof repairBefore you do anything, our first recommendation is to look around the area. Are there any power lines or big tree limbs hanging over your roof? Do your children and pets run and play in your yard just below the roof edge? Plus, be careful about the weather conditions. Never approach your system on a rainy or very hot day. Many people get sunburn and even sunstroke if working in the hot sun. Strong winds can be an issue too. You are better to choose a calm and warm day for the task.
Do you have the right equipment for the job? First of all, you will need a sturdy ladder. You can buy an aluminum one which is not expensive, but we recommend you to go for a fiberglass ladder which is heavier, but also more stable. Investing in your safety is a smart move. To reach and work on a sloped roofing system, you can also purchase rubber boots and roof brackets. They will help decrease the risk of hazardous slips and falls. Also, consider buying a slide guard to catch you if you slip.
How do you use your ladder safely on the ground? You should always place it on even and firm ground. Never use a damaged ladder! Still, if the ground is not firm, you can put pieces of drywall or wood sheets beneath it.
How do you have to dress for the job? To ensure traction which can save your life, by the way, we recommend you to clean your boots or shoes, removing any loose mud and dirt. Wear comfortable clothing but not too baggy to avoid the risk of getting caught on the edge of the gutters.

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